Top 3 Best Anti Snoring Devices Reviews And Buyer’s Guide for 2018

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best quality anti snoring devices

If you are looking for an effective anti snoring solution to finally put an end to your snoring problem…this article is definitely for you. We will review the best anti snoring devices on the market.

Over 90 million Americans snore regularly. Choosing the right anti snoring device is no easy task but we’ve got you covered!

It is very important to pick the right anti snoring solution for your unique case.

Some of the companies that manufacture anti snoring devices are reputable, but others are not. Therefore, you might want make sure you pick an anti snoring device that is properly reviewed and proven to be capable of stop snoring.

We will cover every factor that you should take in consideration when choosing the right device for your snoring.

What Factors Do We Analyze?

top rated anti snoring devices

(1) Product Reliability and Quality– We take a closer look if the device actually works.

(2) Device Cost – We have identified which items offer the best value for money.

(3) Company Reputation – We have been able to identify companies with high reputation.

(4) Money Back Guarantee – We only researched products backed with a money back guarantee.

Any company that believes in its products will always be confident enough to offer full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

(#1) SnoreQuiet Tongue Retaining Device

tongue retaining anti snore device

If you want to solve your snoring problem, our research suggests that you should give priority to the SnoreQuiet Tongue Retaining Device. This device works by holding your tongue in a slightly forward position in order to keep your airways open during sleep.

We have researched multiple studies performed on this device and it offers a 96% success rate on eliminating snoring.

Device Cost:

The device is one of the most affordable ones at $69.95 AS ADVERTISED on their website.


The tongue retainer is made of medical grade FDA approved soft silicone. It is well designed and it is very convenient to maintain.

Company Reputation:

The company has an excellent reputation and the reviews really speaks for itself. When we placed our test order we received an email with a 10% discount coupon on future purchases. Many of our readers have tried the code and it still works. Try if for yourself “10OFFTODAY” during checkout.


Very few people have negative things to say about this anti snoring device and even for those with complaints, the company offers a full money back guarantee policy. Customers that are not satisfied can easily return the device for a full refund.

snorequiet tongue retainer device
snorequiet tongue retainer device

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(#2) SleepRite Micro CPAP Nasal Dilator

micro cpap anti snore device
The second most reliable device on our list is the SleepRite Micro CPAP Nasal Dilator. This device is kind of unique and it works by gently dilating your airways so there can be more positive airflow. This allows your airways to maintain unrestricted and you can have a good night’ sleep.

 Does SleepRite Works?

The answer is YES! In fact, we are amazed on how such tiny device can maximize airflow on the airways.

On a scale from 1 to 10 the SleepRite deserves a well 9.5/10. It is well designed and it provides maximum comfort while wearing it.

Device Cost:

The cost of device is very competitive at $69.95 AS ADVERTISED on their website. At the time we placed the order it was at a special promotion for $39.95 so if you see it at the promotional price you should definitely buy it.


As we previously stated, the SleepRite Micro CPAP is very comfortable and it is made of very soft silicone. The construction of the device is very simple and sturdy so you can trust the device will last long.

Company Reputation:

The company is well established and they sold more than 200,000 devices already. Note that they are the ones who originally developed the Micro CPAP and you should stay away from knock-offs.


The device is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee policy and the return process is just an email away.

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(#3) My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

anti snore chin strap

This is a chinstrap or jaw supporter that works by holding your jaws in a slightly forward position in order to keep your airways open during sleep.
With this device, you don’t have to wear anything inside your mouth like a mouth-guard. It is a non-invasive anti snoring device meaning you can use it any time and even carry it with you on your next business trips.

Update December 2017: We have found the same exact chin strap from SnoreQuiet at a fraction of the cost.

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Device Cost:

The My Snoring Solution device is pricey when compared to the other anti snoring solutions. At the cost of $119 you can get two devices but who needs two chin straps?


The chin strap is made of high quality materials that are hypoallergenic and breathable. It is easy to maintain and most importantly comfortable. You can wash the device on your washing machine and it will dry fast.

Company Reputation:

The company has excellent reputation. Most importantly, the technology used to make the strap has been proven time and time again through controlled scientific studies.


The company provides a 90 day money back guarantee. However, it is kind of difficult to get ahold of a customer service representative. Although they have a customer service phone number sending emails and worked faster for us.

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(#4 – Bonus Review) SleepRx Mouth Guard

SleepRx Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

The SleepRx anti snoring mouthpiece (or mouth guard as they state on their website) has been a while on the market but never had the chance to give it a try. We just purchased this snoring mouthpiece about two weeks ago for only $45 and decided to give it a try for 5 nights.

The very first night took a couple of hours to get used to the mouthpiece. This snoring mouthpiece molds do your teeth by submerging it in hot water, just like some people know like “boil and bite”, only do not pour boiling water! The second night and afterwards it worked like a charm! Snoring was gone and my mouth didn’t hurt a bit!

After our purchase we received a special discount coupon via email for 15% OFF our next purchase. You can give it a try and see if the code works for you. Coupon code for 15% OFF is “NEXT15”

Coupon code for 15% OFF is “NEXT15”

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Device Cost:

This anti snoring mouthpiece costs $45 which is good deal considering the quality and results obtained. If you are lucky, you can see if the coupon code above works for you to get 15% OFF.


The quality is very neat and impressive. It comes in a storage case and clear instructions for the molding process, which roughly takes about 3 minutes. Also, many people have reported good reviews on their website. So far, no complaints with our mouthpiece.

Company Reputation:

The company has been established for a few years now but it never got to our attention. When we researched any complaints, we found only a couple of unsatisfied customers with the results obtained with the snoring mouthpiece. We didn’t found complaints from the BBB so that’s a good indicator!


The company have a 30 day return window so we don’t see any problems returning yours if it doesn’t works for you. They have a phone number and customer support email published on their website in case you need to get ahold of them. Not all these companies publishes their contact information.
sleeprx anti snoring mouthguard
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Top 3 Best Anti Snoring Devices Reviews And Buyer’s Guide for 2018
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