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Top 3 Best Anti Snoring Devices: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide for 2020

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If you are looking for an effective anti snoring solution to finally put an end to your snoring problem…this article is for you. We will review the best anti snoring devices on the market.

Over 90 million Americans snore regularly. Selecting the right anti snoring device is not an easy task, but we’ve got you covered!

It is very important to choose the right anti snoring solution.

Not all anti snoring devices work. You want to make sure you pick an anti snoring device that has been properly reviewed and proved capable of stopping the snoring.

We will cover every factor that you should take into consideration when choosing the right device for your snoring.

Which Factors Do We Analyze?

top rated anti snoring devices

(1) Product Reliability and Quality – We take a closer look to see if the device actually works.

(2) Device Cost – We identify which device offers the best value for money.

(3) Company Reputation – We find the companies with the best reputations.

(4) Return or Money Back Guarantee – We only research products backed with a return or money back guarantee.

Any company that believes in its products will always be confident enough to offer a full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

(#1) SleepRite Anti Snoring Device

The first and most reliable device on our list is the SleepRite Snoring Device. This device is somewhat unique. It gently dilates the airways to create more positive airflow. This allows your airways to remain unrestricted so you can have a good night’s sleep. It’s small and very lightweight but highly effective. The part that goes into your nostrils is made from soft silicone which turns out to be very comfortable. Some people might take a little time to get used to the device but once you get used to it, you forget it’s there. Taking care of the device is very simple and it comes with cleaning instructions.

Does SleepRite Works?

YES! In fact, we are amazed how such a tiny device can maximize airflow so much.

The SleepRite Snoring Device scores 9.5/10. It is well designed and it provides maximum comfort.

Device Cost:

The advertised price is $69.95 on their website. At the time we placed the order it was on special for $39.95 so if you see it at the promotional price you should definitely buy it.


The SleepRite CPAP is comfortable as it is made from soft silicone. The construction of the device is simple and sturdy so you can trust it will last a long time.

Company Reputation:

The company is well established and has sold thousands of devices. This is the company who developed the original SleepRite Micro CPAP. I advise you to stay away from knock-offs.


The device is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee policy.

(#2) SnoreQuiet Chin Strap

snorequiet review chinstrap

Snoring chin straps have been around since the 1930’s. There have been generations of research on which is the most effective type and surprisingly, the most effective is the single-point adjustable. That is why we highly recommend the SnoreQuiet Chin Strap. Adjustable in one velcro point, it works by holding your jaws in a slightly forward position in order to keep your airways open while sleeping. It works on the same principle as the maximum head tilt you learn during CPR training.

With this device, you don’t have to wear anything inside your mouth. It’s a non-invasive, anti snoring device, meaning that you can use it any time and even take it with you on your next business trip with no cleaning necessary.

This is a good alternative to “My Snoring Solution” which costs $119!!

Device Cost:

The SnoreQuiet Chin Strap is advertised at $59.95 but they are running a special half-price promotion now for only $29.95.


This chin strap is made of high quality materials that are comfortable and breathable. It is easy to maintain and most importantly, adjustable. You can throw it in the washing machine and it dries fast.

Company Reputation:

The company has an excellent reputation. We put their customer service to the test and we were able to speak with a customer representative right away. Most importantly, the technology used to make the strap has been proven to work.


The company provides a 30 day return period which we think is long enough for a substantial trial.

anti snore chin strap

(#3) SleepRx Mouthpiece

SleepRx Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

The way the mouthpiece works is by pulling your lower jaw slightly forward to open the airways and hence, reduce the snoring. The mouthpiece is molded to fit your mouth with the boil and bite technique. The SleepRx Anti Snoring Mouthpiece has been on the market a while, but we haven’t had the chance to give it a try until now. We purchased this snoring mouthpiece about two weeks ago for only $44.95 and decided to give it a try for 5 nights.

The first night it took a couple of hours to get used to. From the second night on it worked like a charm! 

For the price, SleepRx beats any other snoring mouthpiece in the market!

Because we purchased the mouthpiece while the company was running a special promotion, we received a coupon for 15% off our next purchase. Try it and see if you can save some money.

The code for 15% OFF is “NEXT15”

Device Cost:

This anti snoring mouthpiece costs $44.95 a piece and $59.95 if you buy the two pack which is a good deal considering the quality and results obtained. If you are lucky, you’ll get 15% off with the code.


The quality is very impressive. It comes in a storage case with clear instructions for the molding process, which takes about 3 minutes. There are a lot of good reviews on their website. So far, no complaints with our mouthpiece.

Company Reputation:

The company has been established for a few years but has slipped under our radar until now. We didn’t find any complaints from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is a good indicator.


The company have a 30 day return window. We don’t see any problems returning it if it doesn’t suit you. They have a phone number and customer support email published on their website in case you need to contact them. 

sleeprx anti snoring mouthguard

Try coupon code “NEXT15” for 15% OFF (Was working as of last week)