A Solution To Stop Snoring

Do you have trouble with snoring? Then you’re definitely not the only one. On this post we will help you find a solution to stop snoring right away. 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women are regular snorers, and most of us want to stop snoring. Whether it is bothering yourself, or your partner, it’s not a good habit to have. On top of this, snoring can be innocent but it can also be a symptom of sleep apnea, which is a more serious problem. Luckily, there are various solutions to the problem of snoring, but before we can get into those solutions we first must understand the causes of snoring and why snoring can be more serious than keeping your partner up at night.

Do you want to learn more about your snoring habits and find ways to quit snoring? Then I recommend you to read on.

The Various Causes of Snoring

The first thing that could cause you to snore is having bulky tissue in your throat, which happens due to various causes. Being overweight or obese could cause there to be extra tissue around your throat. This can also occur when you are pregnant. This bulky throat tissue can start to vibrate when you’re breathing in your sleep which then causes you to snore. You can also naturally have extra bulky throat issue due to genetic factors. Other genetic characteristics that could make you more likely to snore are having bigger tonsils for example.

nose dilator vents

If you’re not breathing through your nose while you’re sleeping then this can cause you to snore. A cold, flu or allergies can cause your nose to clog up which forces you to breathe through your mouth and can make you snore. Luckily, there are nose dilator vents available to help you maximize the air flow on your airways.

Adult people are more likely to snore, which can be easily explained. As you become older your throat becomes narrower and your throat muscles lose strength. This increases the likelihood of snoring which causes many older people to snore habitually.

Having weaker throat muscles can cause you to snore and besides aging this can also be caused using alcohol, drugs or certain types of medication. Muscle relaxants will for example relax the muscles and therefore it will affect the throat muscles. Long-term smoking will also weaken your throat muscles and can therefore increase your chances of becoming a snorer.

A cause that you can do very little about is your sleep posture. Lying on your back can cause you to snore. When you lie on your back your throat flesh will relax and can therefore block your airway which can then cause you to snore.

solution to stop snoring

Then the more serious problem that I mentioned is sleep apnea, which includes more symptoms than just the snoring. Sleep apnea is a relatively common sleep disorder that interrupts your breathing shortly while you are sleeping. You’re not aware of these short interruptions of the breath that happen hundreds of times a night, but they have a big impact. Sleep apnea will not only cause you to snore but you will also be choking and snorting during your sleep. Other symptoms include feeling extremely tired throughout the day, as you can’t have a good nighttime rest when you’re constantly not breathing. This can also lead to moodiness during the day, morning headaches and waking up frequently at night. Luckily there are easy ways to combat your sleep apnea and finally get a good night’s rest again, but we’ll get to that later. There are two kinds of sleep apnea, the most common type is called obstructive sleep apnea and it is caused by the relaxation of the throat muscle will leads to obstruction of the airway. This leads to the inability to breathe multiple times a night. There also exists central sleep apnea, which is caused by a failure in the central nervous system where the brain cannot signal to the muscles that you need to continue breathing. People with central sleep apnea don’t snore most of the times. The final kind of sleep apnea is called complex sleep apnea and combines both forms of the sleep apnea named above.

An ironic cause to snoring is not sleeping enough. If you don’t have a lot of energy then your throat muscles will relax even further and this can cause to snore, which prevents you from sleeping well.

Why You Need To Stop Snoring?

solution to stop snoring

There are several reasons to stop snoring and the first one that it is annoying for you possibly, and most certainly for the people who sleep near you. Perhaps it’s just your partner that sleeps in the same bed, but your snoring might be heard in other bedrooms as well when it is really loud. You probably want to stop snoring so their sleep is no longer interrupted and yours as well.

If you were to suffer from sleep apnea then it essential that something is done about this.  Not only is it extremely frustrating to be fatigued all the time, but interrupting your breathing pattern while you’re sleeping could eventually make you choke and can in that sense be very dangerous. Therefore, it is very important that something is done about this.

Snoring could lead to other annoying symptoms like a sore throat, morning headaches and even high blood pressure. These are not fun symptoms, so you probably want to do something about the snoring so you can preen these symptoms from coming up as well. You wouldn’t want to have high blood pressure because you are a snorer, you can do something about it so easily.

solution to stop snoring

How To Choose The Right Anti Snore Device

The best solution to quiet snoring is an anti snore device, which helps with snoring caused by all the causes that mentioned above. But there are various types of anti-snore devices to stop snoring that all have their own pros and cons. We’ll be looking at these pros and cons so you can make a well-informed choice.

The chin strap

anti snore chin strapThe chin strap is a band you place around your head and your chin and therefore keeps your mouth closed and it also keeps your jaw upward to avoid snoring from happening. Pros to this solution to stop snoring are that you don’t have to place anything in your mouth, you only need to wear a rather comfortable band around your head. The material of these chin straps is made to be comfortable to wear, so you can count on the fact that they are. So, in that sense it is a very simple and easy way of stopping your snoring. It doesn’t take any action apart from putting the band around your head at night. But as with anything, this solution has some cons as well.

The chin strap is, surprisingly, more expensive than some of the other solutions out there on the market. Another annoyance can be that you’re not able to breathe through your mouth when you’re wearing the chin strap. This can be especially annoying when you have a cold for example and you aren’t capable of breathing through your nose.

The tongue retaining device

tongue retaining anti snore deviceThe tongue retaining device looks like your average retainer, they have a compartment for both your upper and lower teeth to fit into and a special compartment that keeps the tongue forward with a sucking mechanism. The tongue retaining device is a solution to stop snoring in that way keeps the tongue forward all night and prevents it from falling back. This device has various pros but also some cons. Although you’ll have something in your mouth they are considered more comfortable than a big CPAP device. They can be a good alternative to a CPAP device when you’re an active sleeper as there is no device attached to them and there is nothing to throw over to get tangled into. If you do ever want to travel then these tongue retaining devices are very easy to bring along with you as they are so small.

Micro CPAP

One solution to sleep apnea and snoring in general is a CPAP machine. This machine works through increasing the air flow in your airway and thus preventing it from collapsing. The Micro CPAP is a smaller version of this technology.micro cpap anti snore device

One advantage of these Micro CPAPs is that they are a lot smaller and therefore a lot more portable than the regular CPAP machines. You can travel with them for instance. Another advantage is that these Micro CPAP machines don’t use power as the bigger CPAP machines. A benefit to the CPAP machine in general is that it has been proven to be the most beneficial to sleep apnea and snoring comparing it to the other options to treat sleep apnea and stop snoring.

Some disadvantages of the Micro CPAP are that some people find them little awkward than the bigger CPAP machines because their natural maximization of airflow, so you might not feel comfortable using them if you are used to the regular CPAP machine.


Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD or Snoring Mouthpiece)

anti snore mouthpieceSnoring mouthpieces are like the retainers that we saw before only they work in a different manner. The Mandibular Adjustment Device is a solution to stop snoring that puts the jaw in a forward position which prevents the soft palate from vibrating against the back of the throat, and this prevents you from snoring

Good news is that this method is rather effective, as long as the snoring is not caused by physical obstruction or a problem with your airway anatomy. And on top of this, wearing a mouthpiece is often deemed more comfortable than a CPAP machine for example. The Mandibular Adjustment Device has also been subjected to plenty of research and it has come forward that they are completely safe, so there is no need for worrying in that department. The final benefit of the snoring mouthpiece is that they are generally not that expensive when you compare them to other options.

But every good solution has some cons to them as well, fortunately temporarily. You can start to salivate, have a dry mouth and it can cause pain in your teeth until you get used to the device.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Are all the anti-snoring devices effective?

A: All of them are effective in general, but they do not all work for the same kind of snoring. Snoring caused by sleep apnea is for instance treated very well by the Micro CPAP while snoring that is caused by your mouth of the jaw is treated better by a snoring mouthpiece. So, this might just be a process of trial and error or you can simply perform a snoring test to help you guide which anti snoring device is for you.

Q: How do I pick the best anti-snoring device?

A: While it is advised to visit the doctor so he can help you figure out what is causing your snoring and based on this you can pick the anti-snoring device that you need, you can perform a simple snoring test at home to determine it yourself. Once again, I believe trial and error might work the best, luckily most snoring devices come with a 30-day or 60-day money back guarantee.

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Q: Can children wear the anti-snoring devices?

A: It is always recommended to try other ways of relieving the snoring first but when the problems become bigger and are really troubling the child then this is definitely an option yes.

Q: Does insurance cover these anti-snoring devices?

A: Most insurance companies will cover for sleep apnea therapy but since snoring is not considered a medical condition they wouldn’t usually cover for these “over the counter” solutions.

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