The Best Anti Snoring Devices

Are you looking for the best anti snoring devices? Then you’ve come to the right place. You will be looking at all the different anti snoring devices that can help you stop snoring. There are many different anti snoring devices on the market, which you might know if you’ve already done some of the research yourself, but we’ll be looking at the four best option there are. We’ll be evaluating these options and naming the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself which anti snoring device is the best option for you.

The chin strap

anti snore chin strapThe first snoring device that we will be talking about is a little bit unknown and relatively new to the market, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, it’s quite the opposite, this device may just be a treasure ready to be discovered. The chin strap is a very simple device which really is a band that attaches around your head and your jaw. By doing this it keeps your jaw in an upright position, which then prevents it from falling backwards and prevents the soft throat tissue from blocking your airway. In that manner it is a very simple device that manages to keep your airway open without too much of hassle by simply putting your jaw in the right position.

The first benefit to this device is that is rather comfortable, for most people at least. The chin strap is made of a material that is both durable and comfortable to wear. Besides, a lot of people find wearing a chin strap a lot more comfortable than having a piece in your mouth, which we will talk about later. Now this doesn’t go for everybody obviously, as the chin strap does prevent you from opening your mouth. Thus, the chinstrap will not be very comfortable if you’re someone that likes to breathe through their mouth.

Another benefit is that the chinstrap is very portable, you can bring it anywhere and put it on without too much of a hassle. It’s small and you can take it with you on vacation or even when you were to go camping. This can’t be said about a CPAP machine that could prevent you from going on holiday.

A downside to the chinstrap may be that it is rather expensive when you compare it to some of the other solutions, especially when you look at what it is actually made of. Therefore, you might want to look for a solution that seems to be more worth your money, but if the chin strap works then it might just be worth the investment.

May 2018 update: We have found an excellent chin strap at a fraction of the cost. The chin strap is sold by SnoreQuiet and can be found on their website for $59.95 with Free Shipping. We have tested this chin strap and the results exceeded our expectations.

Another con is that the chinstrap may feel mentally uncomfortable when you have claustrophobic fears. Some people feel frightened when they need to wear a mask and feel trapped. If you recognize this then you might also be fearful while wearing the chinstrap, which will not make you sleep well.

The chinstrap is made for someone that enjoys a simple solution and has no fear of being trapped in a small environment, but might feel uncomfortable having something in your mouth. If this sums you up the chinstrap might be made for you.

The tongue retaining device

tongue retaining deviceThe tongue retaining device is a rather simple device that aims to keep your tongue in the front of your mouth. Using a suction technique your tongue is held in place in the front of your mouth and is prevented from falling backwards and thus blocking the airway. The keeping forward of the tongue increases the space in your mouth which has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to keep your airway open. When your airway is open the soft throat tissue won’t be vibrating and you won’t snore, which is the entire point of an anti-snoring device.

A benefit of the tongue retaining device is that it is effective, which is something that you want from an anti-snoring device. A small study has been done using the tongue retaining device to treat sleep apnea, this study showed that 11 out of 16 patients got rid of their sleep apnea by using the tongue retaining device. This is a success rate of 69%, which is a rather high percentage.

Another benefit is that this tongue retaining device is portable and can be brought everywhere. Whether you want to go on holiday or you’re staying at a friend’s house, you can bring your tongue retaining device to avoid snoring. This can’t be said for an CPAP machine, which is too bulky to bring along.

Two side effects that can be caused by the tongue retaining device are that it can cause you to have difficulty with swallowing or cause you to salivate excessively. Luckily the excessive salivation will generally get less as you keep using the tongue retaining device each night, and you could put a towel on your pillow to keep it clean. When your tongue is stretched out it can become very hard to swallow, which is very annoying, luckily this will also get less with time. You could also move your tongue out of the device a slight bit to make the swallowing easier and make the device more comfortable to wear.

The tongue retaining device is made for people that don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask and that still want an easy and simple device they can take with them to stop the snoring. The tongue retaining device will also be good for you when the idea of tubing in your mouth makes you feel uncomfortable. The tongue retaining device has also been proven to work better for people whose snoring depends on the position in which they sleep

May 2018 Update: There is a special promotion at for their tongue retaining device for $59.95. We saw the tremendous 5 star rating and went ahead and ordered one for us. We must say this has been one of the most comfortable, easy to use tongue retaining devices.

Micro CPAP (Nasal Dilator)

micro cpap anti snore deviceThe Micro CPAP is a device that you put into your nostrils and maximizes airflow by dilating the nostrils. This combination of dilating and airflow raises the air pressure inside your airway which makes it impossible for your airway to collapse and for the soft throat tissue to vibrate. This makes the Micro CPAP a solution that solves all possible causes of snoring and is incredibly effective with sleep apnea.

If you’re looking for an anti-snoring device that has been proven to be incredibly effective then you don’t need to search any further, as this anti snoring device has shown us a 96% success rate under snorers. So, you can count on the fact that the Micro CPAP will finally end your snoring, even if other anti-snoring devices have not worked for you.

Many people find it uncomfortable to have something in their mouth during the night, like a regular CPAP machine or a mouthpiece, but there is no need for this when you’re using the Micro CPAP Machine. If you find it more uncomfortable to have a device in your nose then this is not the anti snoring device for you, but many people find this a lot more comfortable than something in their mouth. Besides, the Micro CPAP machine is made of a material that is especially uncomfortable and will mold itself to your nose.

We’ve seen this benefit before, but we’re going to mention it again, it’s a portable anti snoring device! You don’t have to refrain from doing anything fun that involves an overnight stay just because are a snorer. With an anti-snoring device like the Micro CPAP Machine you do not need to snore, as you can easily bring it along.

The Micro CPAP machine is ideal for people that are looking for a product that is almost certain to stop your snoring, because the Micro CPAP machine has an 96% success rate. If you’d rather have something in your nostrils then in your mouth or around your face then the Micro CPAP machine is a good option as well.

We highly recommend the original SleepRite Micro CPAP which can be purchased on their website They have sold thousands of this anti snoring device and the reviews speaks for itself. The results from this device are simply extraordinary!

The Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD or Snoring Mouthpiece)

anti snoring mouthpieceThis device sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. The snoring mouthpiece works by pushing your jaw into a forward position. The airway will open up when the jaw is a forward position, which will prevent snoring from happening.

The first benefit to the MAD device is that it is relatively comfortable, for most people at least. They are made up of materials that put a great focus on comfort, although you could experience some tooth pain and jaw pain while using the MAD. Luckily, these pains will usually fade away after repetitive usage of the snoring mouthpiece.

Snoring mouthpieces are very convenient, not only can they be brought everywhere, they also take no time at all to insert. Literally, all you must do is open your mouth and put the device over your teeth, and you’re ready to drift off to sleep. If it’s that simple you’ll be much more likely to do it then when you need to start up an entire CPAP machine.

Finally, the snoring mouthpieces have been proven to be rather effective, and most people stop snoring while using the snoring mouthpiece. This goes, as long as your snoring issues are caused by a misplacement of the jaw. When this is not the case, the snoring mouthpiece won’t solve anything. Thus, you might want to find this out before you order a snoring mouthpiece.

So, the snoring mouthpieces are made for people whose snoring problems come from a misplacement with the jaw and who have no problem with having a device in their mouth.

We’ve seen four different anti-snoring devices and I’m certain that one of these anti-snoring devices can solve all your snoring issues for once and for all. So, make sure to read the article well and make a well-informed decision about the kind of anti-snoring device that you’re going to be trying out. You might want to consult your physician before your start using any of these products or you can simply perform a quick snoring test at home. There is one thing I can assure you though, there is a way to get rid of your snoring for once and for all.

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