Why Snoring Is Bad For Your Health?

Snoring isn’t only an issue that annoys your significant other or your roommate. It can be a sign of or cause serious health issues.

We’re not exaggerating either. How is snoring bad? It can cause or link to sleep apnea, arrhythmias, GERD and other not so great diagnoses.

Don’t let that scare you away from learning more about it. Snoring is easy to address if you have the right snoring devices. See an ear nose and throat doctor to be safe, if your partner says your snoring changes or is getting out of hand.

Learn what issues to bring up at your doctor’s appointment below.

How is Snoring Bad?

On its most basic level, snoring changes the depth of your sleep. Your bedmate is losing about an hour of sleep every night, thanks to your snoring.

Sleep aside, here are some complex health issues to explore with your ENT.


One sleep study found that very intense snoring narrows the blood vessels in your neck. With this plaque buildup in the veins leading to your brain, you’re at a risk for stroke.

A stroke sometimes called a brain attack, is like a heart attack for your brain. You need blood to your brain even when you’re sleeping, so this isn’t some minor deal.

Ask your partner to tell you if they notice your snores getting louder or longer. If they tell you your breathing stops in between snores, that’s something else to address.

If drowsiness from lack of deep sleep from your snoring effects your day, see your doctor. You want to make sure it’s from lack of sleep and not blocked blood vessels to your brain.

Sleep Apnea

If you’ve ever seen or heard sleep apnea in someone you love, you know how terrifying it is. Imagine your loved one sleeping next to you, annoyed by your snores.

They’re annoyed, but then they hear your breathing stop for a few seconds. It usually sounds like a cut off of breath, or your body goes completely silent.

How panic-ed would they be? Your breathing eventually returns and you go on sleeping, they relax and do the same.

There’s a reason they’re so scared, sleep apnea sufferers have twice the risk of heart events and fatal heart attacks. You can treat this with a CPAP machine, a mask you wear while you sleep.

Many people think they don’t need the mask, it’s annoying to them – but it will save your life.


When you think about snoring, you think it’s an external or sinus only issue. As you can see, it’s not.

Snorers can develop an irregular heart rhythm, medical term arrhythmia. If you have sleep apnea and snore, you have an even higher risk.

Scientists think it comes from the enlargement of the left atrium over time, but they’re not 100% sure.

Whatever the mechanics, it messes with the conductive system of the heart, something no one wants.

Ask your doctor if you’re at risk for atrial fibrillation, the most common form of arrhythmia.

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Those who snore and have sleep apnea are at risk for GERD, thanks to throat air pressure changes. When your snoring or apnea change how you breathe during sleep, it can suck stomach acid up the esophagus.

Think of it like heartburn, but you’re not awake or aware enough to take a tablet.

This is most common in overweight patients and losing weight often helps. If you’re waking up with a sore throat or an acidic taste in your mouth, tell your doctor.

Stomach acid is corrosive and your mouth and esophagus aren’t made to stand up to it over long periods of time.

Daytime Sleepiness

Yes, your snoring can keep you from getting into the deepest or deepest few stages of sleep. When you stay in the light sleep stages, you’re less rested when you wake up.

This leads to daytime sleepiness, which is more than an annoyance. It affects your relationships, your job performance, even your safety.

People who snore or are overtired get in more car accidents and sustain more work-related injuries.

That sleepiness can lead to headaches throughout the day, thanks to a connection of snoring with insomnia.

Sexual Satisfaction

Yes, your snoring may be putting a damper on your love life. If you’re overtired from not getting a complete cycle of sleep, you’ll get aroused less often.

Your partner, annoyed by your snoring, is less likely to want sexual stimulation, even if you can make it work.

Snoring isn’t something that should keep you from getting intimate with your partner. Your bed is a place for connection and love, not annoyance and disdain.


When you snore more, you aren’t in deep levels of sleep. This makes you more likely to wake up during the night to go to the bathroom. Called Nocturia, this disorder sometimes includes a loss of bladder control.

If you wake up to wet spots or the smell of urine, see a doctor.

Nocturia also effects insomnia, since some people have issues falling back asleep.

Snoring Complications

After reading this article, we hope you’re motivated to get your snoring under control. Snoring devices are a great way to do that, though they’re no replacement for seeing a doctor.

If your doctor clears you and isn’t worried about your “is snoring bad” risks of the above illnesses, explore your options. They may even suggest a snoring device, but we suggest checking out what’s available online before you buy.

Our website lets you do that. We have all the top snoring devices ranked and explained so they’re easy to understand – even if you’re exhausted from lack of sleep.

Start the journey to better rest today.

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